Customer Reviews


-Wow! How in the world did we find this place? It’s in the middle of an industrial park in Escondido. Makes sense though considering how many business’s and automotive dealerships there are in the area.

Hands down one of the best breakfast places in all of North San Diego County, no kidding! It just doesn’t get any better than this, seriously. The food was fresh, homemade in taste (better than you’d find at my home that’s for sure) and the service was on the money. Friendly, polite staff and quick service.

I had the chicken fried steak and eggs with a side of ham. The chicken fried steak is hand formed, not pre-fab and was battered fresh and fried. Eggs, cooked to order…perfect! Even the rest of our table who ordered their eggs scrambled well was on the money. Ham was bone in, thick, about 1/2 inch and again, cooked perfectly for my liking.

This place didn’t miss a beat and you can bet your breakfast dollar that when I find myself close to Escondido – I’ll be back!

Nice job Home Sweet Home Cafe……nice job!


-Strange location- in the middle of the industrial park. BUT their spinach and feta omelet is amazing and they’re always friendly.

-Very friendly. Huge pancakes, which were really good. My buddy ordered their Chorizo with eggs…very tasty. Will order during my next visit.
-Yummy food and great prices. Never would have known about this place without yelp! Pancakes are huge, iced tea is good. Husband got the home sweet home omelet and it was pretty tasty, I like the gravy. Gonna have to try the biscuits and gravy next time. This place isn’t fancy but the people are friendly and the food is good. I would definitely return.

-Great food! Getting drinks refilled and a bill could be improved, but only minor detractors. Wife had Cajun sausage and eggs; I had biscuits and gravy with poached eggs. Food was well seasoned and portions were outstanding!

-WOW!!!!! I found this place on Yelp and found great reviews, so I decided to give it a shot. NO DISAPPOINTMENT! I thought it would be a long wait to be seated, as there were 4 families ahead us……nope. We had out table in less than ten minutes. When I got my coffee, it was in a huge mug, which was great because I didn’t have to wait for refills the entire time (although they cam frequently).
The food – the portions were perfect, and the flavor was even better! Straight home cooking at its finest. I’ve country skillets all over America, and this place was the best.
I will be coming back soon!!!


-Just finished breakfast and I gotta say it was pretty tasty! While the food was good, the service was meh.. I would probably go back here but I just know to expect slow service..